Our Supply Management Service


Lithotech’s Supply Management service enables branches, retail outlets and other remote business units to operate more efficiently.

It facilitates decentralised ordering under central control and reduces operating costs.


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How do you charge for Supply Management?

Costs depend on variables such as the number of items, the number of branches, stores, depots (destinations) that order, and the frequency with which items are ordered.


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For whose account are freight costs?

Freight costs are for the account of the customer – this arrangement is easier to manage and does not complicate or inflate the price of the goods sold.


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Do you charge for Lithotech Online?

No, our online ordering system is free of charge to customers that use our supply management service.


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How long is the take-on period?

It depends on the complexity of the individual account and the number of items and outlets.


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Can I track my order?

Yes, once the goods have left our warehouse en route to the end user, they are tracked via the couriers’ tracking system.


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Can I use my courier company?

Yes, if you have an existing courier company that you would want us to use, we will gladly do so for all your delivery requirements.


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Can I nominate a supplier that I would prefer you to use?

Yes, we will gladly procure items from a supplier of your choosing – but Lithotech would then stand back from any quality, pricing and delivery issues associated with such a supplier.


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Who owns the stock?

Lithotech owns the stock until such time as it is sold to our customer. Should stock become dormant due to changes in design or for other reasons, then it is invoiced to the customer and placed into a “paid stock” warehouse for a limited period. Thereafter it will either be delivered to the customer or destroyed according to instructions.


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Are stock items all stored in one warehouse?

Yes, our experience shows that there are many benefits to storing all items at one site.


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Who decides when to place a stock replenishment order, how much, and with which supplier?

These issues and many more are all subject to a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that would be drawn up between Lithotech and the customer.


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How does a customer know he receives the ‘best price’?

While prices are important, other factors play an important role in determining the total cost of procuring, storing and distributing stock items to branches. Lithotech works with customers in a transparent manner when negotiating procurement costs with suppliers.


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Can Supply Management cater for the distribution of materials for marketing campaigns?

Yes, Lithotech has a dedicated team that handles campaign and ad-hoc distributions.


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Can individual branches be invoiced separately?

Yes, branches can be invoiced for their specific requirements.


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Are high-security areas available for specified stock items?

Yes, items that are confidential or have high unit costs, for example, can be stored in special security cages for additional protection.

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